Who put you in charge? New inspirational book on leadership

In her new book “Who put you in charge?” leadership specialist, Lesley Hunter, reveals that the key to successful leadership is in understanding behaviours. In her alternative approach to developing successful leadership skills Lesley believes that we can learn a great deal about leadership by observing the behaviour of dogs and their role in the pack.

Dogs follow strong and decisive ‘pack leaders’. They need clear expectations and boundaries and will not tolerate unsteadiness or imbalance. Dogs function by responding to the behaviours of others around them; when a pack leader shows inconsistent and weak leadership behaviour, trouble starts.

The book is a blueprint for understanding behaviours that characterise successful leadership and applying them to the workplace. Lesley believes that organisations that fail to grasp the importance of leadership will not succeed. 

The book is available from £8.50. For further information on “Who put you in charge?” and the author please visit www.whoputyouincharge.ning.com.



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