It turns out that failure is something that Guru’s disciples have taken to their hearts.

In the last issue of Personnel Today (25 July), he got the ball rolling on a competition to win 10 copies of a new self-development book called The Five Minute Failure. There’s still time for you to enter and for you to enrol at the venerable College of Failure.

A word of warning though – do not embrace failure so quickly that you send yourself crashing out of the running. One example of this approach might be the disciple who sent in the correct answer to the quiz, but decided to add that he thought the question was “somewhat pointless”.

This is not the way to endear yourself to those who run competitions, dear boy

Anyway, now we’ve got over that unpleasantness, let’s get down to business. To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is answer the following question: According to the Induction to the College of Failure, what are the “finest virtues a human being can possess”?

Visit the website to fill in your knowledge gaps.

Get your answers in to by 11 August.

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