Women thrive as managers in HR

is one of the few professions to have more female managers than male, a study
has revealed.

Labour Force Survey 2001, based on a 1 per cent sample of employees in the UK,
finds that women account for 57 per cent of personnel, training and industrial
relations managers.

proportions are only bettered elsewhere by health and social services managers
at 73 per cent and office managers at 66 per cent.

lowest percentage of female managers are found in production works and
maintenance roles where just 6-7 per cent of managers are women.

survey found there are a negligible number of female directors or CEOs in the
sampled survey.

the rest of the workforce roles are more evenly spread. This is particularly
true in advertising and PR, hospitality and leisure, and restaurant and
catering industries, where women account for roughly 45 per cent of managers.  www.statistics.gov.uk

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