Workaholics anonymous

workers in London and New York seem unable to enjoy their summer holidays,
reveals a study carried out by global financial recruitment specialist Morgan

survey of 970 employees from London, Dublin and New York reveals that 50 per cent
of Londoners do not take their full holiday allowance, compared to just 34 per
cent of New Yorkers.  

addition, 23 per cent of Londoners have had to end their holiday earlier than
planned to return to work, compared with only 12 per cent of those across the

Londoners are more determined to take a complete break from the office, with
only 14 per cent saying they take work on holiday with them, and 48 per cent
claiming they would never contact their office while on holiday. In comparison,
26 per cent of the US respondents take work on holiday with them and 67 per
cent remain in contact with their office throughout their time away.  


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