Worker seeks £3.5m compensation payout after head injury triggers sex addiction

A man whose sex drive has soared out of control since he received a head injury at work is fighting for £3.5m compensation from his former employer.

Professional Cycling Marketing has been found liable for the injury Stephen Tame, 29, picked up when he fell from a warehouse gantry.

Tame, from Bergholt, Suffolk, claims the accident has stripped his sexual inhibitions and is wrecking his marriage.

He has resorted to pornography and prostitutes, while his wife has had to sleep away from him to get some rest.

His legal team is claiming £3.5m on the grounds that Tame will not work again and that his marriage will collapse within a year.

Lawyers for the defence are arguing that the payout should be lower, as he will eventually return to part-time work, and his marriage may survive.

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