Workers’ positive view of private sector

government staff perceive working in the private sector more positively than
private sector employees’ view the public sector, according to a report.

Image Mirror, by local government HR body the Society of Chief Personnel
Officers (Socpo) and TMP Worldwide, shows that more than two-thirds of local
authority staff think pay and IT equipment are good or very good in the private

out of 10 local council staff regard training, job satisfaction, job variety
and social life as good or very good in the private sector.

security is seen as the major benefit of working in the public sector, with 64
per cent of private sector staff citing this as good or very good.

is the only category where private sector staff rate local government better
than they rates the private sector.

than half of private sector staff regard pay, job variety, job satisfaction and
working environment as being good or very good in the public sector.

report polled over 1,000 staff: half in the private sector and half in local

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