Workplace Health Activity Toolkit

Review by Greta Thornbory

Designed to help you get your workforce moving in the right direction for
healthy activity in any industry, this pack should tell you all you need to
know on the health benefits of exercise – or at least that is what I eventually

As it is an educational pack, it is available free from the British Heart
Foundation (BHF). But because it has charitable status and relies on donations,
the BHF asks for a donation and gives a list of suggested donations against
further resources.

It states you do not have to be an expert to use the pack, however, it took
me some time to find my way around it, to work out what it was and what I had
to do with it – and even then I was not too sure. I thought the CD-Rom would
tell me, but it did not start automatically so I had to explore to find out
what the CD contained.

Later I realised that it was printed on inside of the folder containing the
CD. Even then, there seemed to be so much on it – case studies, word documents
with resources, games files and PowerPoint presentations – that I would have
needed a great deal of time to sort through what was specifically useful.

This is a great shame as it contains some very useful tools for health
promotion in the work- place; it just does not give clear instructions.

So if you want materials for a health promotion project on the health
benefits of exercise this pack contains it all. Just be prepared to spend some
time sorting out what you want.


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