Workplace relationships are on the increase

One in 10 UK workers claim they have had sex in the office, research reveals.

A survey of 561 employees, by recruitment firm RPCushing Recruitment, also shows that 15% admit to having a crush on someone in their workplace, with two in three workers revealing that they have had a sexual fantasy about a colleague in the past.

Men are more likely to harbour sexual desires in the office with 75% admitting past sexual fantasies, in comparison to 50% of women.

One in six office workers have had a one-night-stand with a colleaguee, 20% of office workers have had an office fling, with this developing into a longer term relationship for one in four at some stage during their career.

“With Britons spending more time at the office and socialising with colleagues, office romance has never been more on the cards,” said Paul Cushing, managing director of RPCushing.

“It is important that couples are aware of the possible ramifications, particularly if the relationship turns sour or one person is responsible for appraising and remunerating the other.”

UK firms may follow their US counterparts in setting up a ‘love contract’, requiring an employee to reveal a romantic relationship to management, according to Cushing.

“This already applies to US firms operating in the UK, but with studies such as this highlighting the surge in UK office affairs; this could also soon spread to more and more workplaces across the country,” he said.

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