WorkPlace Systems launches new Task Management Application at NRF

WorkPlace Systems, a leading provider of Retail Workforce Management software and consulting solutions announces the launch of its new web based Task Management Application.

It will help Retailers increase sales and reduce costs by providing; planning, communications and control of Head Office instigated projects and tasks to ensure timely and efficient compliance in store.

WorkPlace’s Task Management solution, based upon a highly effective Store Communications and Alerts structure, delivers simple setup and planning of Head Office integrated projects and tasks together with complete progressing, monitoring and execution control.

The result is timely and efficient execution compliance in-store.

WorkPlace’s CEO Barney Quinn stated:

“As a result of implementing Task Management, we expect Retailers to experience improved store compliance, consistency and timeliness in the execution of promotions – a key driver of revenue. In addition email traffic and inefficient communication with Head Office will reduce enabling Store Managers to spend more time on the sales floor.”

It’s not just the top line that benefits. Task Management also saves costs such as reducing the need for regular in-person audits, communication effectiveness and cost and faster product recalls, all of which help improve the bottom line.   

WorkPlace Task Management enables Managers and Planners at Head Office to easily create, plan and approve projects against known store workloads.

The approved projects can then be scheduled in-store in line with other business-as-usual workload and their progress tracked and monitored in real-time to assure compliance. 

“The integration of Task Management with Workforce Management provides a Retailer with the next logical step in improving the performance of Store Operations. We’ve focused on ease of use and speed of deployment to help Retailers quickly realize the benefits possible from this Application.” Continued Quinn.  

WorkPlace Task Management is available either as a stand alone Application or fully integrated with the WorkPlace suite of Workforce Management software.

Attendees to NRF can find out more and see a demonstration of this new Application on Labor Solutions International stand 3124.

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