Xmas break shrinks

majority of firms will be closing for three days this Christmas and New Year,
but there is evidence that longer shutdowns are becoming less common, according
to a study by Industrial Relations Services.

survey of 156 organisations with well-established arrangements for Christmas
closing, shows that 79 per cent of employers will be closed on Christmas Day
2002. Three-quarters will also shut up shop for Boxing Day. More than 70 per
cent of companies in England and Wales will also close for New Year’s Eve.

figures are slightly down on 2000, when 90 per cent of organisations reported
they would be shutting for Christmas and New Year. However, in the sample a
higher proportion of firms in the utilities sector work round the clock. The 31
public sector respondents also contain a higher percentage of essential
services than the previous survey.  www.irsemploymentreview.com

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