Younger workers embrace interim management boom

younger executives than ever are moving into interim management careers and enjoying
more work and earning higher daily rates than other interims.

findings, from the latest Russam GMS survey on interim management, confirm that
the highest percentage of interims (65 per cent) on assignment in June this
year fell into the under 35 age bracket. 
Interims aged less than 45 got significantly more work than those over
45 and those in the 36-40 age bracket commanded higher salaries at £550 a day.

reports an increase in the amount of part-time interim management work. Part-time
assignments have grown from 32.2 per cent of the market in September 2001 to
account for 37.9 per cent now.  The
biggest demand is for interims as finance executives, general managers, sales
and marketing managers and IT specialists. 

trend identified by interim agencies and interims themselves is  worsening conversion rates with many
enquiries not leading to actual assignments. 
Russam believes some clients choose not to use interims after making an
initial enquiry because they do not think the individual is  good enough. Companies making this decision
prefer to opt for a permanent appointment, an internal solution or do nothing.

By Jane King

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