TUC calls for more action over productivity gap

TUC has welcomed the DTI response to the recommendations of the Better
Regulation Taskforce, but says more needs to be done to tackle the productivity

new measures to be introduced include:

consulting on how harmonising start dates for domestic regulations could best
work in practice

piloting free or subsidised employment law advice visits to employers of less
than 50 employees

running a number of pilot schemes giving a shared HR resource to small firms

general secretary, John Monks, said: "The Government, to its credit, has
responded well to the recommendations from the Better Regulation Taskforce.
However, those recommendations failed to acknowledge the role of minimum
standards in tackling Britain’s productivity gap and encouraging small firms to
take a long-term approach to building solid businesses.

idea that removing regulation and allowing the market to operated unfettered
will help British business is fanciful. We have seen what happens when
competition is king and companies take a slash and burn approach to
productivity. Instead, we need more of the kind of sharing of best practice and
pooling of resources announced by Alan Johnson."

By Quentin Reade

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