Your Preferences

Format: Online behavioural preferences tool
From: Academy28
Price: £15 per person

Contact:  Academy28

I was sceptical about the effectiveness of an online behavioural preferences tool but this proved to be a neat and informative package.

Users are invited to click on a series of paired-up images to indicate which they prefer. After finishing the package they are given access to two reports, which define personality type and which show how these personality traits can be deployed to influence others and to improve communication.

Selecting the images was quite a fun, and rapid test. I found the reports detailed and helpful. They were packed with information about me – I’m a careful planner, by the way – but were slightly long and conventional, which left me feeling deflated after clicking away merrily on a set of bright, modern images.

I understand that Academy28 is developing the reports further and introducing more interactive elements, and I imagine that such detail would be welcomed.

But it is important to say that the developers have got the tone right. A buyer could use this package for any type of employee without fear of them being patronised. I was also impressed that the users are given the relevance of the activity – for example, they can read an aside on Carl Jung’s theories.

Academy28 also offers a full range of webinar support and virtual training programme development services, and it has some interesting products in the pipeline, including online coaching.

Relevance? 4 stars (out of 5)
Interactivity? 3
Value for money? 5


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