Your say in HR name debate

Personnel professionals have unanimously endorsed the comments made by
Peugeot UK’s Mike Judge last week that the term human resources is demeaning
and sends the wrong signal to staff.

Personnel Today has received over 40 letters agreeing with the sentiments
Mike Judge expressed. He claimed "personnel" is a better label. One
letter claimed the term HR was more redolent of the Third Reich and Oscar
Schindler’s factory than with the modern workplace.

To give the chance for those in favour of HR to make their voice heard
Personnel Today has set up a telephone poll.

To broaden the debate readers will be able to vote for their favourite out
of three current favoured job titles – Personnel, Human Resources and the
recent newcomer Human Capital.

Call should cost no more than 20p and lines will be open for two weeks.
Initial results will be published next week.

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