Company cars

Fleet management glossary: the jargon of company cars

18 Feb 2010

Don’t know your AECOP from your AMAP? Our jargon buster will help guide you through the world of fleet management.AAdvisory...

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‘Park round the back’ syndrome is a real corporate malaise as company car policies are extended because of the recession

22 Jan 2010

It’s known in professional circles as ‘Banger Anger’ or ‘PRTB’ (Park Round the Back) syndrome and accurately depicts what your...

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Employers must get a grip on ‘grey fleet’

2 Dec 2009

Privately-owned vehicles are now the main form of transport used by businesses, but rising costs, safety issues and potential legal...

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Fair Care NCP Smart Parking Scheme – reducing staff turnover

30 Nov 2009

Benefit solutions provider Fair Care is about to launch a new car parking scheme in association with parking giant NCP. The...

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Fair Care launch Green Car Scheme

19 Nov 2009

Employee benefits provider Fair Care has just launched its brand new Green Car Scheme. Responding to the global challenges of climate...

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Over 21 million hours a day spent commuting by UK workers

9 Nov 2009

Workers spend up to 78 minutes commuting every day, research by the Trades Union Congress has revealed.In total UK workers...

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Social workers set to strike over car allowance changes

3 Sep 2009

Social workers and benefits advisers in Derby are willing to strike if the city council scraps an allowance they receive for...

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Almost one in four bosses would cut all benefits

13 Jul 2009

When asked which staff benefit they would like to remove if they could, almost a quarter of company directors opted...

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Company car costs: If it moves, it’ll be taxed

6 Jul 2009

Many companies are examining their benefits spend to see if savings can be made. Nick Golding looks at how company...

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Motivation schemes: Praising deeds

28 Apr 2009

Motivation schemes can seem extravagant when other HR resources are stretched by the recession, so how should they be adjusted...

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Green company cars: Less gas… less tax

28 Apr 2009

The government’s intent to cut the country’s carbon emissions means there are tax savings to be had in using low...

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Publishing senior council officers’ pay will deter applicants, warns expert

3 Apr 2009

Senior council individuals should not be forced to disclose their pay and bonuses as it may put talented people off...

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Councils to be forced to publish chief executives’ pay

31 Mar 2009

Councils will be forced to disclose the pay and remuneration of their chief executives under new measures announced yesterday.Local government...

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Long-term retention problems for firms that don’t cut bonuses, warns CIPD

9 Mar 2009

Organisations that do not reduce executive pay and bonuses could be harbouring a “ticking time-bomb” of retention and engagement problems,...

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Weekly dilemma: withdrawing company cars

3 Oct 2008

The employment contracts we use provide for staff to be given company cars. My employer wants to withdraw them and...

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