2WayTrust claims bad behaviour in boardroom affects business performance

A powerful new tool for Chief Executives and business Directors is launched today by 2WayTrust, a specialist organisation supporting top teams, to help them root out dysfunctional behaviours that undermine business performance. 

The Self-Assessment Guide identifies ten behaviours that are common among the vast majority of top teams.  Instead of arguing that leaders should simply behave differently, 2WayTrust proposes that the key to progress is for business Executives to own their behaviour with colleagues and seek their support in managing it.

According to 2WayTrust Managing Director Pete Ashby, “When a Chief Executive has a tendency to become a steamroller, or to close down difficult discussion because they don’t like conflict, the last thing other people should do is simply ask them to be different.  In the past, Boards have been offered far too much social engineering, whereas what they need is a healthy mix of plain speaking and mutual acceptance.”

2WayTrust Leadership provides a detailed commentary on what Ashby describes as the top ten most dysfunctional behaviours.  He says that after years of coaching leadership teams they could have recorded upwards of 50, but felt that it would be most useful for CEOs to concentrate on the top ten.

“If a leadership team can discuss these behaviours and come to some understanding about where they each stand in relation to them, they will gain an immediate improvement in performance.  What we need to do is to get people out of the closet on this issue, because there’s no-one in a leadership position who’s exempt from their own set of bad behaviours.”


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