675 Ways to Develop Yourself and Your People

675 Ways to Develop Yourself and Your People
Author: Laurel Alexander
Price: £130
Pages: 227
Publisher: Gower
ISBN: 0566 08381 7

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This book is a toolbox of ideas that makes the reader stand back and fully examine themselves. It will prove highly useful for anyone interested in learning more about self-realisation, not to mention trainers at whatever level, as it offers a host of possible ideas for courses.

The text, tables and examples are clear and concisely written, so the reader should be able to absorb the methods and information fully and easily.

From a practical point of view, all of the sections are focused and highly specific in their meanings, while still managing to cover a wide range of areas. It’s not restricted to workplace issues, either. Many of the sections relate to everyday life, family and friends.

As I was reading, I realised that it covered many aspects in which society fails. If this learning is applied in depth, it could be very constructive. Overall, I found the book highly inspirational.

The book is expensive at £130, but would prove such a useful tool for a training professional or individual that I feel it is well worth it. It is a viable source of positive actions and ideas.

Useful? Five out of five stars
Well-written? Five out of five stars
Practical? Five out of five stars
Inspirational? Five out of five stars
Value? Five out of five stars
Overall Five out of five stars

Reviewed by John Hooley, consultant

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