A-list status for pay problems

than 40 per cent of the phone calls handled by the Arbitration and Conciliation
Service (Acas) helpline for the year ending March 2002, concerned pay and terms
and conditions of employment.

Together, the Acas annual review for 2001-2002, reveals that the helpline
received more than 750,000 phone calls during the period. Trade union
recognition was the subject of more than a quarter of these, with redundancy
and disciplinary matters accounting for just 8 per cent each.

to working patterns were highlighted in only just 5 per cent of calls.

those calling 46 per cent were employers, while 34 per cent were employees and
20 represented someone else.

the figures show a slight drop in the number of calls received from 2000-2001.
The number of applications for individual conciliation to Acas also fell below
101,000 over the period of the study.  www.acas.org.uk

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