A minute with the RADs judges – John Salt, website director, totaljobs.com

In the second of our quick-fire interviews with some of the RAD Awards judges, we speak to John Salt, website director at totaljobs.com, one of the sponsors of our awards for 2013.

Why is totaljobs.com sponsoring the RADs?

The RADs celebrate the best of UK recruitment advertising and that is something totaljobs.com is passionate about, and that we love to celebrate.

What do you think the judges look for in a winning entry?

Great execution against the brief; measurable return on investment; and advertising that engages with people to enhance the employer’s brand and motivates relevant jobseekers to apply for the roles.

How is totaljobs.com adapting to a rapidly changing and competitive marketplace?

John Salt

John Salt, website director, totaljobs.com

There is and will always be change, and the best way to take advantage of this is to give your audience what they want. For recruiters, it is value for advertising money spent; for jobseekers that is the best experience when it comes to looking for, finding and applying for their next role. We keep that front of mind and deliver our offering in the way in which audiences consume media.

Although totaljobs.com is a well-known digital brand, what do you think are the other key recruitment platforms?

Well, you cannot – and never will – beat word of mouth referrals from people you actually know and whose opinions you trust. If you are looking for someone to hire, ask people you trust if they know anyone. Alongside this, the UK has a brilliant industry in both staffing agencies and recruitment advertising, those are the three channels I know and trust.

How do you think RADs entries have developed and changed over the years?

While there are many changes in the places where these entries are now published (such as online migration over the past 15 years), as well as innovative and clever use of multimedia messaging, at the core remains the same need there has always been: delivery of a well-written advertisement that clearly reflects the employer brand, job role and working culture – that is what recruitment advertising excellence is all about.

To find out more about the RADs, or to enter this year’s awards, visit the website.

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