A minute with the RADs judges – Malcolm Kemp, director of talent acquisition, Betfair

With the RADs 2013 website now live and open for entries, we thought we’d get the inside track from some of the RADs judges to find out why they feel the awards are so important, as well as asking for tips on what makes a good entry.

Here’s our chat with Malcolm Kemp, director of talent acquisition at Betfair.

What are the judges looking for in a winning entry?

“Originality, creativity and quality of execution – and ultimately, was it successful?”

Malcolm Kemp
Malcolm Kemp, director of talent acquisition, Betfair.

Having judged the RADs before, what tips would you give this year’s entrants?

“Do your best to be fulsome in the information you provide, and where possible try to demonstrate the impact that your work has had. It is tough as a judge to feel confident giving awards based on assumptions, so the information provided by the entrants is crucial to their success.”

What does Betfair do to recruit the very best talent?

“We’ve worked hard to position our employer brand in a differentiated way to our competition. We need to both showcase the unique attraction of Betfair as an innovative internet company, and enhance the public perception of gaming as an exciting, innovative and credible industry to build a career in.

“The way we portray ourselves to the market is very important in getting this message across – and we’re delighted with the progress we’ve made in the last 12 months!”

The Award for Employer Brand launched last year. Why is this element so important to recruitment communications?

“Candidates are saturated with recruitment messages, and what they are looking for in an employer is continually evolving. Having a well-defined and attractive employer brand is vital to stand out from the crowd and attract those candidates with the same shared values to your business.

“Excelling in this area not only means you’ll hire better, faster and more cost effectively, but you’ll also benefit from increased employee engagement and better new-hire retention and performance.”

What are the judges looking for in a winning employer brand entry?

“Crisp and coherent messaging, consistently applied, beautifully executed, and clear measurement of success!”

To find out more about the RADs, or to enter this year’s awards, visit the website.

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