Abolition of Royal Mail uniforms risks safety

Communication Workers Union (CWU) has accused the Royal Mail of taking
"irresponsible safety risks" with its staff by proposing to end
uniforms for non-customer-facing staff.

union said the decision is "quite unbelievable" given current
government warnings about terrorist threats, as removing the uniforms would
mean the "risk of infiltration is multiplied a hundredfold".

a letter to the Royal Mail director of corporate social responsibility, Steve
Boorman, the union’s safety officer, Dave Joyce, said that the measure cut
right across the initiatives the CWU was taking jointly with management at the
Royal Mail to protect staff.

Police Commissioner has recently told the public that it would be miraculous if
the UK escaped a terror attack.  In
light of this, abolishing the uniform anywhere in the Royal Mail is
irresponsible," Joyce said.

By Michael Millar

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