Academy28 launches webinar support service

Academy28, the behavioural preferences assessment provider, has launched a live web-based training support service to help organisations create and run their own virtual training programmes.

Called Your Webinars, the service includes choosing the best platform for webinar delivery; migrating existing content into a virtual setting; designing and developing new content for virtual classrooms; co-moderating webinars; coaching trainers on how to adapt to the virtual environment and creating a supporting infrastructure to provide an integrated and effective learning platform.

“Organisations are realising that webinars are a cost effective method of delivering training but few are really taking advantage of this medium because they’re unable to transform a successful classroom experience into a successful webinar,” said Clare Howard, Managing Director of Academy28.

“Instead of simply broadcasting content, we can help you to create a truly interactive learning experience and deliver engaging and effective virtual learning programmes.”

Academy28 can even provide a delivery platform for running webinars, via its Your Virtual Learning Centre service.

The company also provides completely virtually-delivered public programmes – in areas such as setting up, leading and supporting virtual teams – and it has an online action planning tool that ensures that goals are set before a training event and, more importantly, followed through afterwards.

Founded in 2008, Academy28 has launched its Your Webinars support service as an additional business line to its Your Preferences online ‘personal style and behavioural preferences tool’.

This 10-minute online assessment classifies people’s natural inclinations around how they think and behave in various situations, into 16 distinct personality ‘types’.

It is available with five ‘type packages’, which give individuals expert guidance on the implications of their preferences for: teamwork change management, influencing skills, classroom-based training and virtual training.

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