Acas identifies workers most likely to make employment tribunal claims

Hospitality, retail and construction staff are the most likely to consider making employment tribunal claims, according to the new chairman of conciliation service Acas.

Ed Sweeney, who took the reins from Rita Donaghy this month, said high staff turn­over, low levels of union representation and a lack of procedure or good human resources practice were often found in these sectors, giving staff reason to call the Acas helpline for advice on employee relations.

“Many employers [in these sectors] know little about what is good practice, especially the small to medium-sized businesses in hospitality and hairdressing, employing fewer than 10 people,” Sweeney told Personnel Today.

Heike Becker, personnel manager at hotel group Hyatt Regency London, believes claims may stem from the tough working hours associated with working in hospitality. “The long and unsociable hours make the hotel industry a tough working area. It’s a hard job sometimes – maybe that is one of the reasons that leads to tribunals,” she said.

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