Acas resolution halts tanker drivers strike action

drivers have called off today’s strike action at the eleventh hour after unions
agreed to a new pay deal.

negotiations with the T&G union and P&O Trans European led to an
agreement for a 5.5 per cent pay deal backdated to January 2002, with a further
4.5 per cent rise next year.

T&G wanted an 8 per cent annual rise for the P&O tanker drivers to
reflect the dangers of the job, but the company said it was only prepared to
offer 4.5 per cent.

Webb national secretary at the T&G, said: "This is an increased offer,
an improved offer over two years and it is backdated to January this year. The
T&G negotiators will be strongly recommending that our members vote to
accept it in the next few days."

deal with be put to drivers and the result of the ballot will be announced
early next week.

Paul Nelson




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