AccessPlanIT responds to increasing financial pressures facing training providers

In these times when business confidence is taking a ‘bashing’ with rising inflation, falling profits and ‘soaring’ costs, training providers are often the first to suffer. Customers are looking to minimise expenditure and cut back on ‘non-essential’ training; at the same time their own organisations internal resources and running cost are multiplying.

Lancaster based AccessPlanIT, a leading supplier of training management solutions, have announced a new release of Course Manager aimed at helping training providers overcome these issues. Course Manager is a ‘one stop’ training administration solution that enables training organisations to operate much more efficiently by streamlining processes and automating administrative tasks.

David Evans, Sales and Marketing Manager, says that in many organisations a substantial amount of management and administration time is taken up with the process of booking delegates onto courses, manually processing associated correspondence; such as booking confirmations or course joining instructions and then collating feedback, running reports and processing invoices after training is completed:  In between there is a need to co-ordinate trainers, venues and equipment and ensure the whole process is running profitably.

“In the past this has been complicated and time consuming and is often managed using email systems, calendars and numerous standalone spreadsheets or word documents. With Course Manager it is easy, all of your information is in one place and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using an internet browser”.

AccessPlanIT has issued the latest version of Course Manager in collaboration with a number of its key customers and the development process has been driven by client feedback. 

“We have designed Course Manager to meet customer needs and make it easier and more cost effective to manage training operations. The latest release of Course Manager will not only enable providers to take control of their training programmes, it will also significantly reduce the cost of administration and allow them to redeploy resources into more value added areas”, said Evans.

Building on the existing Course Manager capabilities, the new version of Course Manager includes many exiting new developments that focus on marketing, customer relationship management, resource management and finance.

“The finance module is a major breakthrough in terms of creating a ‘one stop’ solution. Course Manager now facilitates online credit card payment, invoicing, payment tracking and reporting. Course manager can even be integrated with your existing finance packages to eliminate the rekeying of invoice information”, said Evans.

There are also significant business intelligence upgrades, Course Manager now tracks  course date viability and automatically alerts you to course’s that are potentially running at a loss or are under subscribed. Evans adds, “Course Manager is working behind the scenes 24/7, it is accepting bookings, processing payment’s, generating invoices and issuing course correspondence – all without any manual intervention”.

Taken as a whole, the upgrades represent an important milestone for AccessPlanIT.  This new release will help training organisations make more informed decisions and will dramatically reduce the administration costs involved with providing training.

Course Manager offers the functionality of a sophisticated, scaleable, enterprise solution for a fraction of the cost and resources that are employed in developing and maintaining in house systems.

More information is available at or by contacting us on 01524 389841.


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