Acctive Systems take up the bite size training challenge

This month, key staff at Acctive Systems in Surrey found a brand new way of learning on their desk top. Hundreds of web based computer lessons in Bite Size Chunks of Learning.

Acctive Systems are the latest company to sign up to an online lesson library in computer skills training that aims to encourage their staff to learn as they work. 

Alison from Acctive Systems outlined “at a time when costs are being closely monitored we found Bite Size to be a real cost effective way of continuing our training programme.

“It is time effective too as our staff have year round access to computer lessons they can use whenever they need to and at a time that suits them.

“The Weekly Tip gives them regular information and encourages them to take advantage of the learning opportunity”   

Marie from Bite Size explained, “since the World of Learning exhibition in November, we have seen a great deal of interest in our lesson library as companies look for alternative ways to get the most out of their training budget. 

“Bite Size offers the equivalent of 10 days computer based training and delivers them in small bite size chunks of learning throughout the year, making it easier to grasp and retain the information being taught and supports continuous learning”

According to a survey by Lloyds TSB Insurance, research has shown that the average person’s attention span lasts no longer than 5 minutes. 

Just enough time to learn something new as each Bite Size lesson is supported by a 3 minute movie, making it easier to retain and learn.

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