Add Video Arts clips into your own e-learing course

Anyone can now create their own e-learning course and incorporate clips from classic Video Arts training films, at the click of the button, following a new partnership between Video Arts and learning technology company MyKnowledgeMap.

MyKnowledgeMap provides an e-learning authoring tool, called Compendle, which is used by private and public sector organisations to create and publish bespoke e-learning courses. Through the new partnership, Compendle users will now be able to choose from over 1,000 bite-sized video clips from Video Arts and incorporate their selected clips into the courses they create.

Each Video Arts digital clip lasts three to four minutes and covers a specific learning point, such as: ‘approaching the appraisal correctly’; ‘structuring a coaching conversation’; ‘target setting using SMART’ and ‘giving constructive feedback’. Video Arts is renowned for using humour to deliver engaging and memorable learning and many clips feature recognised actors such as John Cleese, Dawn French, Hugh Laurie, James Nesbitt and others.

“A growing number of organisations are looking to create their own e-learning courses,” said Martin Addison, Managing Director of Video Arts. “However sites and services like YouTube and BBC iPlayer have made online video an expectation for e-learning users. Creating your own high quality video is not easy but now you can incorporate our award-winning video clips, YouTube-style, to give your e-learning courses greater impact and make them more engaging. This is the first time we’ve opened up access to our content in this way and we’re delighted to be partnering MyKnowledgeMap in this initiative.”

Using Compendle, ‘authors’ can incorporate digital assets such as PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, as well as audio and video files, into their e-learning courses. Each completed course is published as a single zip file, packaged to SCORM and IMS standards. The courses can be accessed online, uploaded to learning management systems, such as Moodle, or burned onto a CD-ROM.

The available Video Arts clips cover a range of subjects including attitude and motivation, change, communication, customer service, diversity, finance, health & safety, interviewing, leadership, management, performance management, sales and teamwork.

Martin Addison said: “Organisations used to buy a DVD from us and keep it under lock and key but we’ve now opened up our learning content and made it much more accessible in different formats. This means everyone can have a key to the cupboard.”


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