Advertised salaries in London £11,000 higher than rest of UK

London salaries are now £11,000 higher than elsewhere in the UK, according to analysis by a jobs site.

Employment search engine looked at 555,000 job adverts published in the last six months for its salary index.

It revealed that jobs in the capital had an average advertised annual salary of £41,079, while those outside London were worth just £30,450.

Jobs in the North West had the lowest average advertised salary, at just £28,641.

Dave Martin, managing director of, said: “In the nine months we have been publishing this salary index, we have seen a growing gap between advertised London salaries and the rest of the country.

“We continue to forecast rises in average salaries, and a growing gap between London salaries and those in the rest of the UK.”

Average salary by region:

 London    £41,079  
 East Anglia  £32,551
 Wales  £31,795
 West Midlands  £31,673
 South East  £30,765
 South West  £30,496
 East Midlands  £30,146
 Yorkshire & Humberside  £29,782
 Scotland  £29,538
 North East  £28,941
 North West


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