Age guide dispels myths about workers’ expectations

The Employers Forum on Age (EFA) today launches its Age at Work guide.

The guide explodes the myths surrounding age in the workplace, and includes an EFA report that uncovers surprising facts, such as that people are happy to work until they are 70.

Other topics covered in the report include:

  • Who is happiest at work
  • Who wants to retire and who does not
  • Motivation at work
  • Ageism
  • Work-life balance – the peaks and troughs
  • Why people leave work
  • Women – the lifelong gender imbalance

Age at Work is based on a decade-by-decade analysis among 1,603 respondents aged between 16 and 69, with insights from the Labour Force Survey.

The guide maps people’s attitudes to work and life during each decade to help guide employers and policy makers to make decisions about issues relating to age in the workplace.

It seeks to dispel the common myths about age and will support employers and the Government in tackling demographic change, age discrimination, pension and employment reform.

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