Airlines consider giving pilots stun guns

British Airways and Virgin are considering drastic new security measures
that could lead to the introduction of armed pilots and sky marshals in
response to the US terrorist attacks.

BA is looking at a range of measures which include arming pilots with stun
guns, placing sky marshals on flights and installing computer systems which can
blacklist passengers to prevent hijacks.

A spokesman for BA said staff training would be the cornerstone of any new
security measures.

"These issues are things we are discussing, but training will form a
very important part of any proposals that are implemented. If a situation arose
on a flight, it would be very important that we’d got the training right,"
he said.

Virgin Atlantic is also assessing a number of options from reinforced,
bullet-proof doors to digital locks and cameras.

A spokesman for the company confirmed the airline is negotiating with the
British Airline Pilots Association and the Civil Aviation Authority over the

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