Airport hand luggage ban to end on 7 January after big investment in security training and equipment

An “extensive investment” in training and security personnel means that London’s Heathrow Airport, and 20 other UK terminals, will allow passengers to carry more than a single piece of hand luggage onto aeroplanes from 7 January.

A failed plot to bomb transatlantic planes using liquid explosives in 2006 meant that previously, only a single bag could be taken on board.

Andrew Cornish, managing director at Manchester Airport, said in a statement: “We’ve invested heavily to bring us to the point where we know we are able to manage the extra pressure that will be put on our systems.”

The airfield made “extensive investment in new security screening machines, staff training and additional security personnel”, he said.

Other airports which have seen restrictions lifted include: Aberdeen, Benbecula, Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Islay, Kirkwall, Plymouth, Prestwick, Southampton, Southend, Stornaway, Sumburgh and Wick.

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