Alcohol fuels rise in ‘sickie’ syndrome

new survey shows more than a third of Brits have taken a day off because they
are too worse for wear to come to work.

the survey, by jobs website Monster, shows that for a quarter of Brits, this is
not a one-off occurrence.

the 2,147 visitors to the website who answered the question: "Have you
ever taken a day off because of a hangover?" :

40 per cent (860) said: ‘No – I always come to work however hungover I am’

25 per cent (542) – said: ‘I have never been hungover whilst at work’

24 per cent (506) – said: ‘Yes, several times’

11 per cent (239) – said: ‘Yes, but only once’

the UK we have a ‘long-hours, high-stress’ culture, and many employers will
accept that workers need to let off steam now and again," said Kim Walma,
marketing director at

when the occasional hangover turns into frequent absenteeism, a company’s
performance and bottom line can be adversely affected, not to mention the
health of the employee in question."

By Quentin Reade

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