Change does away with a good rest for HR professionals

change, too much paperwork, and motivating staff, are the three work issues
keeping HR professionals from a decent night’s sleep.

into the top concerns of HR managers – conducted by HR and IT specialists,
Snowdrop Systems – found 40 per cent of them lay awake at night worrying about

than half of the 120 HR professionals surveyed believe their job is more
stressful now than it was a year ago, with 60 per cent admitting they are now
more anxious about work than they used to be.

two-thirds worry about being burdened with too much administration and
motivating staff, it was change management that they really lost sleep over,
with 67 per cent citing it as their main concern.

executive of Snowdrop Systems Michael Richards said it was no surprise that the
inherently stressful task of managing change topped the list. But he was
surprised that “too much administration” came a close second.

the issue of ‘having too much administration to do’ requires a concerted
effort, he said. "The starting point is to question the way everything is
done, when it is done and crucially, by whom.”

top concerns of HR professionals

Issue                                                                                        %

management                                                                 67
Having too much administration to do                                        66
Motivating staff                                                                         66
Own career progression                                                            61
HR being taken seriously by the board                                      56
Employment legislation                                                              54
Performance management                                                         51
Absence management                                                               43
Cost control                                                                             43
Finding and keeping talented people                                          41
Benchmarking                                                                           30
Succession planning                                                                  30
Data Protection Act                                                                  24
Diversity                                                                                   21

Paul Yandall

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