T&G calls for government action to halt manufacturing decline

Transport & General Workers’ (T&G) union has said that manufacturing in
the UK will end by 2030 unless the Government and employers work with trade
unions to secure a stable future for industry.

UK retains a strong manufacturing base employing 3.41 million people, but they
are losing their jobs at a rate of 126,363 jobs a year, said the union.

Woodley, T&G general secretary, said: "An industrial base that took
200 years to build up has been nearly destroyed in 20 years.

action must be immediate. Millions of jobs and a balanced economy still depend
on the success of UK manufacturing. As a start, the Government should speed up
the review of public procurement policies."

will be gathering in Birmingham on Saturday for a rally to ‘Fight Back for
Manufacturing’, bringing together workers and communities who are calling for
an end to the decline of the UK’s manufacturing industry.

By Mike Berry

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