Appeal court clears council of racial discrimination

Glasgow City Council was cleared last week of racial discrimination against two employees seeking promotion.

Clarence Bvunzai was awarded 48,681 in November 2003 after a tribunal found he had been unfairly treated in his application to become manager of a residential home for the elderly.

Meanwhile, Kuldip Dhesi received 6,173 in February after an Employment Tribunal found he was discriminated against when he applied for a managerial role on an asylum seeker project. The tribunal had accused the council of victimising Dhesi by not allowing the full use of its grievance procedure.

The Employment Appeal Tribu-nal, chaired by Lord Johnston, overturned both findings of racial discrimination, describing the ruling in one case as “nothing short of perverse”.

George Ryan, convener of the council’s personnel and administration committee, said: “The council is very proud of our record in promoting equal opportunities and good race relations in how we recruit and promote staff.”

Bvunzai still works for the council, while Dhesi was not employed when the claims were made.

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