Appraisal360 announces acquisition of its 50th customer has just announced the acquisition of its 50th customer making it one of the HR industries rising stars – and all from the heart of North Staffordshire.

Surfing the wave of advances in technological development, based just outside Newcastle under Lyme, offers its nationwide clients instant access to an on line 360 appraisal systems allowing managers and staff to take part in company wide staff appraisals 24 hours a day from any pc with internet access.

One of the few companies in the UK to be able to be offer such an advanced system, the service is proving particularly popular with training and development companies and larger manufacturing organisations looking to maximise labour efficiencies and adhere to legislation whilst at the same time providing their staff with clear and actionable personal development plans for their future.

“Many organisations are looking for ways to not just manage their staff, but to assist their development as employees, team members and members of society” said Richard Oppenheimer, Managing Director of “This system is one of the few that allows organisations of all size to take an ‘off the peg’ system and really make it work as hard for their individual organisation as a bespoke system would.”

The system takes the industry standard questionnaire one stage further by incorporating the benefits offered by paper methods with high tech web based functionality and management control features.

“We have taken an industry standard and improved it” said Richard. “360 degree appraisals are commonplace within industry across the UK. However a HR Manager often has to chase staff to complete the paperwork and to make sure that the process is completed on time. It can often be a time consuming process to manage a situation compounded now that many organisations operate across multiple sites, often at different ends of the country. Our system takes the strain by allowing Managers to follow the progress of the appraisal process from the comfort of their own PC, understanding who has completed their assessment, who has completed a part of it and who hasn’t started yet.”

For employees, the system has even more benefits.

Not only does it allow them to complete their obligations at a time and location that is most convenient to them, it also cuts down on the time and hassle factor meaning that the whole process can be conducted in around half the time previously taken by traditional methods.

“Since founding the company, we have been inundated with enquiries from across the country and have ambitious plans for future growth.” concludes Richard. “Our clients have commented on the difference that our system has made to their appraisal process and the benefits that it is bringing to our customers and their staff.”


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