April heralds creation of almost 34,000 jobs

Almost 34,000 jobs were created across the UK’s 21 key industries in April, an increase of more than 4,500 on April 2005, according to research by recruitment consultancy Adecco.


Its JCI figures are determined by comparing the number of jobs created within UK industrial sectors each month with the number of jobs created for the corresponding month in the previous year.

Health and social care registered the most dramatic rise, from a job creation index (JCI) of 485 in April 2005 to 2,859 in April 2006.

The vehicle sector saw a significant leap, from 233 new jobs in April 2005 to 1,353 last month, followed by the pharmaceutical industry, which increased its JCI by 2,374, from 485 to 2,859. And telecommunications also fared well, rising from an exceptionally low JCI of just one in April of last year, to 338 last month.

But jobs in the property and environment sector registered a major drop, from 3,484 to 553. And the media industry also saw a steep decline from a JCI of 479 in April last year to 85 last month.

The energy and utilities sector remained relatively stable, falling by just five points over the year to 406, and finance and banking decreased by 36 points to 584.


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