Are hotel brands practising what they preach?

New research from, the leading website for luxury hotel recruitment, reveals 82% of jobseekers strongly believe that a hotel’s brand influences their decision to work for them.


The survey of over 2,800 hospitality professionals, the largest of its kind, was commissioned in order to explore jobseeker perceptions of the leading international hotel brands operating in the Middle East. The results show that the jobseeker’s perception of brands can have a strong influence on the success of a hotel brand’s recruitment strategy. business manager, Jeremy Vercoe said: “It is often the case that companies with a strong consumer or corporate brand have an advantage in employer branding. However a consumer brand might be very different to the employer image; and this can often lead to misperceptions.”


He continued: “A strong consumer brand might inflate expectations amongst candidates, who face the risk of disappointment and consequently high staff turnover. “


The Hotel Brand Survey was designed to examine these differing perceptions, exploring the motivations of jobseekers when choosing to work for a particular employer. Key findings of the document which examines 23 of the leading hotel brands include the following:

  • Four Seasons is perceived as the best brand to work for – based on the opinion of all 2,944 hoteliers.
  • Jumeirah Group is perceived to be the most dynamic and ambitious employer.
  • Fairmont comes top for competitive salaries.
  • The Ritz-Carlton leads the way as the overall winner from a current employee perspective.


The Hotel Brand Survey 2010 is available for free and can be downloaded at


If any of the surveyed hotel groups would like to commission their own full results and have a customised report presented back to their Corporate Head Office, please contact [email protected] or call on  +44 207 5724110.

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