Army faces £1.1m claim from former soldier over lack of childcare support

A single mother who is suing the Army after it offered little support with childcare is seeking £1.1m in damages, it has emerged.

Tilern DeBique, a former soldier, won a sexual and racial discrimination case after being told that the army was “unsuitable for a single mother who couldn’t sort out her childcare arrangements”.

A Foreign and Commonwealth soldier from St Vincent, DeBique was disciplined for not appearing on parade because she had to look after her daughter, who was ill.

DeBique is seeking damages to include loss of earning for a full 22-year army career with benefits and pension, as well as £18,000 for hurt feelings and £10,000 for aggravated damages, the Times has reported.

The soldier wanted to bring a half-sister from St Vincent to the UK to care for her child. However, as a foreign national, the relative would not be able to enter the country as anything other than a visitor and could not stay for more than six months. The MoD said this meant the option was “out of its hands” and there was no point in pursuing it.

DeBique left the army after refusing an alternative role. The tribunal criticised the army for failing to help her to make childcare arrangements.

The Ministry of Defence has already lost an appeal over the case.

A ruling is expected to award damages tomorrow.

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