Asda aims to cut costs with automated recruitment system

Supermarket giant Asda is planning to use a new personality assessment system to support its national recruitment drive.

Asda is preparing to recruit 7,000 new staff later this year.

The online assessment system, developed by the Criterion Partnership, a business psychology consultancy, gathers personality information and helps identify which candidates are likely to flourish at the supermarket chain.

The system filters candidates, automatically progressing those most compatible and flagging others for further investigation by the resourcing teams.

Alan Redman, business psychologist at Criterion Partnership, said: “The Asda system is unusual because of the vast scale of the project and the depth of detail it collects.

“Where as previously the company had relied on interviews and CVs to assess applicant suitability, with the new system this work is already done. Now, the company is seeing the top 20% of candidates at interview rather than the top 50% as before.”

The system will be used to manage recruitment for management and head office positions.

Judith Colbert, resourcing manager at Asda, said: “We want our new colleagues to be as enthusiastic about the company’s work and future as we are. As such, we needed an application process that would represent this.”

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