Asylum Bill grants compulsory work checks

The Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill received Royal Assent last
month, making it a requirement for employers to supply information to the Home
Office about the earnings of any employee suspected of having committed an
offence under the Asylum and Immigration Act 1999.

The new statute also gives the Home Office the power to require employers to
disclose "compulsory records" relating to any employee reasonably
suspected of having illegally entered the UK.

Employers will receive a written notice from the Home Office specifying the
information required, the manner in which it is to be provided, and period of
time (not less than 10 working days) within which it is to be provided. Fines
can be imposed for failing to respond in time or for failing to declare why the
information is not available.

New powers will also enable police and immigration officers to enter
business premises to search for and arrest offenders. They will be able to
search work premises to inspect and seize employee records where they have
arrested an immigration offender and reasonably believe an offence has been
committed, or if they believe an employer has provided inaccurate or incomplete

The Home Office is still consulting on proposals to charge for work permit

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