Union calls for statutory equal pay audits

Transport and General Workers’ Union is demanding statutory equal pay audits
after figures released this week show the gender pay gap is not closing.

brokers earn half that of their male counterparts, while women in manual jobs
earn £117.20 a week less than men carrying out the same duties, according to
the 2002 New Earnings Survey.

Office of National Statistics report shows that female manufacturing staff earn
just £251 a week, compared with £368.20 for male colleagues.

need commitment on the part of employers to conduct equal pay audits to root
out where inequalities lie," said Diana Holland, national organiser for
women race and equalities at the T&G.

there are still some employers who are not prepared to close the gender pay gap
voluntarily. We need statutory pay audits. Responsibility rests with the

to strengthen the equal pay laws and to encourage employers in every industry
to support equal pay audits.

is high time employers and the Government get real on equal pay and close the
gender pay gap – we have waited long enough."

By Paul Nelson

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