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About Dr Nick Summerton

Dr Nick Summerton is a GP, cancer adviser to the Department of Health, and medical director at Bluecrest Wellness.
obestiy in the workplace

Managing obesity in the workplace

30 Nov 2017

Employers dealing with obesity in the workplace have to contend with misunderstanding, stigma, lifestyles outside work and several other issues....

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How to prevent sleep deprivation in the workforce

2 Oct 2017

Sleep deprivation can affect employee wellbeing and productivity, as well as contribute to serious illness. Dr Nick Summerton looks at...

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A framework for tackling mental health issues at work

30 Aug 2017

Evidence shows that mental health issues at work are a growing problem. Dr Nick Summerton sets out a suggested framework...

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Screening for the psychological causes of back and neck pain can speed recovery

22 Jun 2016

GP Nick Summerton suggests how the Orebro questionnaire is a basis for referring employees to forms of support and could...

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How to manage cancer screening in the workplace

22 Mar 2016

Cancer screening in the workplace can lead to early diagnosis and reduce the need for long-term treatments. But employers need...

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Reasons to use the workplace for cardiovascular health screening

24 Jan 2016

Cardiovascular health screening can pick up the need for lifestyle changes that could reduce heart and circulatory diseases, the cause...

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Cancer in the workplace: how employers can aid recovery

1 Apr 2015

While GPs tend to sign cancer patients off work for long periods, supporting people with cancer in the workplace can...

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