Dr Paul J Nicholson


About Dr Paul J Nicholson

Dr Paul J Nicholson is an occupational physician.
Sleep problems

Supporting employees with sleep problems: the evidence base

24 Jan 2018

As evidence grows on sleep problems among employees, Dr Paul J Nicholson examines the research to find how best employers...

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Hitler at Berlin Olympics 1936

Why it’s not smart to take smart drugs to boost performance at work

30 Nov 2017

Smart drugs have been pushed as a way to improve workplace performance, but what are the risks and do the...

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Workplace health promotion

Does workplace health promotion work? A review of the evidence

2 Nov 2017

Questions raised about the quality of studies reporting return on investment from workplace health promotion initiatives make it worth examining...

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Employee wellbeing programmes and return on investment: the false profit

5 May 2017

Big claims are made for the return on investment of employee wellbeing programmes, but how reliable is the evidence? Dr...

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The case for a stronger occupational health evidence base

2 May 2017

The Health and Safety Executive’s new strategy for the workplace promises to give health the same priority as safety, but...

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