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Legal Q&A: Voluntary gender pay reporting

2 Mar 2011

Voluntary gender pay reporting is part of the Government’s strategy to promote equality through “transparency and behavioural change”. The strategy...

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Legal Q&A: Positive action under the Equality Act 2010

3 Feb 2011

Q What is positive action?Positive action is one of the Government’s range of measures aimed at ending discrimination in the...

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Legal opinion: the Equality Bill and pay transparency

5 Oct 2009

Emma Bartlett, partner, Speechly Bircham, looks at how the Equalities Bill will, should it become law, ease equal pay claims.

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Legal opinion: Tackle equal pay before floodgates open

13 Mar 2008

Employers must act now to address the gender pay gap and stem the rising tide of claims, says Speechly Bircham partner Emma Bartlett.

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