Graham Johnson

Graham Johnson

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Graham Johnson is clinical lead - nursing, at Bupa Health Clinics

Occupational health profile: Graham Johnson, lead nurse at health clinics, Bupa UK

2 Nov 2015

Graham Johnson, lead nurse at Bupa Health Clinics UK, reviews the highlights of his occupational health career. It has embraced...

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Investigation underlines need for accurate medical records

7 Jan 2014

A recent investigation into record-keeping at a large NHS trust highlights the importance of having adequate safe custody measures in...

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Do GPs have the time or skills to issue workers with ‘fit notes’?

18 Mar 2009

GPs will soon be responsible for writing fit notes for workers who take time off sick, but are OH specialists better equipped to do this?

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Latex allergies

4 Dec 2008

Have NHS trusts pushed the panic button too soon on surgical gloves and latex allergy? Graham Johnson finds out.

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Nursing and Midwifery Council needs to get real about occupational health

2 Jan 2008

We’ve been at it for almost 130 years now, and it’s all down to Phillipa Flowerday – the nurse from...

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