AXA secures two ticks for employment practices

AXA has been awarded the prestigious “two ticks” disability symbol from the Department of Employment. 
The disability symbol has been developed to enable employers to demonstrate their commitment to employing those with disabilities and sends a clear message that as an employer AXA will be positive about the contribution disabled people can make to the company. 
James Woods, Diversity Adviser at AXA, said:

“At AXA, we place high importance in ensuring that we have a diverse workforce.  We are committed to ensuring that AXA is a positive place to work where all of our employees feel that they are valued and respected members of the team.” 
“Being a wheelchair user myself, I am thrilled that the Department of Employment has given us the opportunity to use the disability symbol across all AXA’s offices in the UK as it’s a step towards showing our employees as well as future employees that we are focused on improving the opportunities available to people who join us.”
To meet the standards of this award, AXA has had to meet five commitments:

To interview all applicants with a disability who meet the minimum criteria for a job vacancy and consider them on their abilities

To ensure there is a mechanism in place to discuss, at anytime, but at least once a year, with disabled employees what you and they can do to make sure that they can develop and use their abilities 

To make every effort when employees become disabled to ensure they can stay in employment.

To take action to ensure that all employers develop the appropriate level of disability awareness needed to meet commitments at work 

Each year to review the five commitments and what has been achieved, to plan ways to improve on them and let employees and the employment service know about progress and future plans 

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