BA to discipline three shop stewards over unofficial strike

British Airways has begun disciplinary proceedings against three shop stewards following August’s unofficial strike action at Heathrow Airport.

Baggage handlers at BA walked out for two days in sympathy with sacked staff at the airline’s in-flight caterer Gate Gourmet. The walkout left more than 100,000 passengers stranded and cost the airline an estimated £40m.

BA said two of the shop stewards have been suspended on full pay while the third continues to work. All three are members of the Transport and General Workers’ Union.

The union officials were reportedly named by staff calling up a confidential phone line, set up by BA to investigate alleged bullying or intimidation that led to the secondary strike action.

Secondary picketing is illegal, although union leaders recently called on the government to legalise such action. The chancellor and prime minister were quick to reject these calls.

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