BBC shows vision with job exchange scheme

BBC staff are developing their skills and experience through an innovative
work placement scheme that allows them to take jobs outside the corporation.

SkillXchange enables BBC employees to work in another industry for up to
four months.

The initiative’s attachments manager, Caroline Wright, said the scheme has
already enabled 150 staff to develop skills at other organisations that will be
of use to the BBC.

"Staff have an opportunity to work with voluntary organisations and
take on a lot more responsibility than they would working for the BBC. It is
like a VSO programme, but you stay in the UK to do it.

"But there is a business benefit," Wright added. "The
placement has to develop skills that can be used when people return to their

SkillXchange is open to all BBC employees, regardless of role and seniority.

Since it began last June staff have worked in fields as varied as mental
health and PR.

As well as allowing people to develop new skills, Wright said, the scheme
helps staff in their career development.

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