BBC staff force short-term contract review

The BBC is to review its use of short-term employment contracts after
pressure from staff.

The review will look at the practices and procedures of employing staff on
short-term contracts and examine whether they are being fairly treated.

Around 20 per cent of the BBC’s staff are currently on short-term contracts.
HR director Stephen Dando, who will lead the review, said it was clear the use
of these contracts made some staff feel uncertain about their future.

"Concerns have been communicated across the BBC, both over how we
handle short-term contracts and the number of short-term contracts," Dando
said. "It has been a troubling issue for quite a lot of people."

He added although short-term contracts are a feature of the broadcasting
industry, it is important staff feel appreciated. "If people feel
uncertain, we want to change this and make them feel valued," he said.

The review is part of the BBC’s plans to change its employment culture
through its One BBC: Making It Happen programme.

Dando stressed that the issue is complex and a quick-fix solution is not
available, but is optimistic the review will lead to positive changes.
"There are a number of different drivers that we need to understand before
changing," he said.

l BBC staff have been asked to stop shouting at work. The organisation is to
bring in ‘polite police’ to encourage bad-tempered staff to be civil. Those who
break the rules may be sent on anger management courses.

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